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How To Train For Your Body Type


How To Train For Your Body Type

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that each person’s body type is different and in order to reach your goals it is essential to train to suit your body type – so not your friends or your gym buddy’s.

It’s always appealing to hit the gym with your friend and to eat whatever is on offer in your house but this can be one of the main reasons you’re failing to hit your goals.

Firstly, it’s an absolute necessity that you train and eat to your body type. Secondly, the American psychologist William Sheldon categorised the human body’s physique into three categories, or somatotypes – which, to this day, is widely regarded as the best visual method to adapt your workout and nutrition too.

The three somatotypes being an ectomorph, a mesomorph, and an endomorph.



What is an ectomorph

The ‘skinny guy’ that often struggles to build muscle. Those people that are naturally lean and find it more difficult to gain muscle (and fat).

Usually, they’re the kind of people that can eat the table top and still manage to shed a few pounds


How to train and eat if you’re an ectomorph

Eat naturally high-quality foods and eat more than you’re used to doing. If you’re an ectomorph, you’ll naturally have a fast metabolism so it’s important that you eat in a calorie surplus.

Train at a heavy and slower pace, using longer rest periods and keep cardio to a minimum.


Ectomorph cheat sheet

  • Eat more calories
  • Avoid Cardio
  • Lift Heavy


What is an endomorph

The ‘bigger guy’ – usually, an endomorph’s biggest problem is ensuring that your body fat keeps as low as possible. Naturally ‘big boned’ and slightly square in shape. People with this body type can usually breathe around junk food and gain 1-2 lbs.


How to train and eat if you’re an endomorph

You’ll have a much slower metabolism so it’s important that you watch (and lower) your calories, eating frequently and smaller meals – avoiding sugary products.

It’s important that you do regular cardio within your workouts and reduce your rest periods between sets


Endomorph cheat sheet

  • Eat less food
  • Do cardio often
  • Reduce rest periods


What is a mesomorph

The ‘naturally athletic’ guy. Often, mesomorph’s have naturally wide shoulders and narrower hips – having the ‘v-taper’ shape that most desires come naturally to them.


How to train and eat if you’re a mesomorph

You shouldn’t go too crazy on cardio or weight training as your body has a natural aesthetic look. It’s important that you lift weights moderate to you and train consistently.  Once you’re happy with your muscle size, it will be easier for you to maintain without having to concentrate too much on gaining fat or losing muscle.


Mesomorph cheat sheet

  • Train hard
  • Find the diet that works for your goal
  • Limit, but don’t avoid cardio.

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