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Top 5 Dieting Tips During Shredding



Top 5 Dieting Tips During Shredding

Most of the time, shredding is difficult to get right, mainly because your diet alters to become stricter and, as you’re trying to lose fat and keep muscle mass, it can often lead to frustration if you’re not doing things right. When we talk about training, I’d always suggest training like you’re bulking, even when you’re shredding.

The trick is, it comes down to your diet!

To help simplify shredding, reduce frustration and endeavour to optimise your results, you can follow 5 easy to use dieting tips to help you lean out.


#1 – Prep your food

It doesn’t matter how you approach this one, it only matters that you do!

Preparation is king in any field or way of life. From your work to booking holidays or time with friends – you’ll not plan. That said, people often don’t get serious enough when it comes to their lifestyle and nutritional choices.

Not only do you need to make sure you’re planning what you’re eating but you also need to make the food, weigh it out and make sure you’re hitting the right amount of macronutrients and calories you need for the day.

I’d suggest prepping either twice a week (Sunday and Wednesday) or, time committing, every evening.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

Having your meals prepared means you can spend your time focused on training (again, plan it) and sleeping.


#2 – Focus on variety

Some people, and it is a small minority, would be happy to eat the same bland and boring foods day in, day out – I include myself in that category but sometimes even I get distracted, bored and the occasional junk food craving.

That’s why it’s important that you include a variety from the offset. Such things as Chocolate protein in your morning oats because let’s face it, 2,000 calories of chicken and broccoli each day can go a long way towards demotivating you.

#3 – Make your diet part of your lifestyle

Can we ban the typically aggravating and tiresome phrase “I’m dieting”? The main reason I ask is that this implies there’s going to be an end date or a date where you stop eating clean and unprocessed foods that are dense in micronutrients and refer back to the junk food.

By making dieting part of your overall lifestyle and way of thinking, you’ll be able to embed ‘that cheat meal’ to your weekend without the feeling of any guilt, which doesn’t only feel better for you but your body will appriciate you eating this way.

Ultimately, it shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be a chore – you’re making positive changes to your body.


#4 – Allow yourself a cheat meal

We’ve just touched slightly on cheat meals – that means a cheat meal, not a cheat day. Typically, give yourself 1 or 2 per week and this can’t be stressed enough! Not only is it good from a health and fitness perspective – it spikes your metabolism and allows variety to your diet, but it will also stop you from going brain dead. You have friends when all said and done, be sociable and don’t treat shredding as a chore!


#5 – Make sure your friends understand

It’s super important to finish aside from just the necessities. Having a good balance is fundamental for anybody – it’s something that you don’t see advised often enough.

That said, it’s important that your friends are understanding – whether you’re aiming for the body of your dreams, you’re hitting a photo shoot or your walking on stage for your first bodybuilding competition. Irrespective of your goals, it’s important that the people around you understand what’s happening. Whether they’re friends from the gym or not, you’ll seek and get motivation from the people close to you.

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