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Sumo Squat Benefits & Training Guide


Sumo Squat Benefits & Training Guide

Squats, squats, squats. Gotta love ‘em!

What is a sumo squat? What is the difference between a sumo squat and a regular squat? Where does the term ‘sumo squat’ originate from?

Hang on and we’ll take a look not just as that, but why squats are so important.


How to do Sumo Squats

  1. Unlike a normal squat, start with your legs wide apart and your toes pointing slightly outward. This will be your starting position.
  2. Lower your body by bending your knees, keeping your back straight always.
  3. Lower your body until your knee is at a 90-degree angle.
  4. Push back up, squeezing your glutes as you reach the top.
  5. For maximum results, slowly lower yourself to the count of 3, pause for 1 second and push up for 1 second.

sumo squat

As with most exercises, don’t bend or curve your back. It’s also important that you keep your heels firmly on the floor throughout the exercise.


What are the benefits of Sumo Squats?

If you haven’t yet realised, the main difference between the sumo squat and a regular squat is; regular squats start with your feet shoulder-width apart and your toes pointing forwards, whereas sumo squats start with your feet wider apart and your toes pointing outwards.

Both exercises focus on the glutes, quads, hamstrings and even slightly on the calves. The Sumo squat is much more beneficial for targeting your adductors. You’ll also feel more tension in the hamstrings too!

For additional resistance, hold a dumbbell at the top in front of you and turn the sumo squat into a goblet sumo squat!


Can I do both?

Yes. A strong leg day can utilise both sumo squats and regular squats, especially if you want to focus on those inner thighs. Depending on your personal preference and what your goals are, you can do either exercise.

The exercises mainly differ in foot positioning and which muscles you’re targeting.


How can I work the glutes and hamstrings more?

Using the sumo squat, you can put your feet on a raised platform and, with a dumbbell or kettlebell in your hands, lower the weight to below your entire body – this will torch the glutes and hamstrings more than just squatting from the floor.


Why are squats important?

Squats are arguably the best exercise for your entire body, a functional exercise which allows you to build muscle whilst burning any idle fats which are stored in your body. When performed properly, squats can improve your entire body composition – including the areas around your knees.


You’ll burn more fat by doing more squats

A common misconception is that you can ‘turn fat into muscle’, that’s not true. What you can do, however, is build more muscle – which attacks the fat tissues in your body and sumo squats, although a leg exercise by name, will help you torch those fat cells – especially on your inner thighs, leaving your legs looking more well defined.


You’ll improve your mobility, balance and prevent injuries

Strong legs are crucial for maintaining balance and mobility, especially as you get older. Sumo squats help to strengthen your overall core and body.



If you train the same, you’ll remain the same! Try to add some sumo squats to your workout to really mix up your leg days and unleash your potential!

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