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Optimum Nutrition CLA Fat Loss Softgels Review

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Optimum Nutrition CLA Fat Loss Softgels Review

Optimum Nutrition, most famous for their high-quality proteins, released their fat-loss supplements to help aid regulate your body fat by using the acids.

CLA is a natural omega-6 fatty acid which is essential for helping you regulate your body fat and see those lean gains.


Taste and Texture

There’s very little you can say about the actual taste and texture of a tablet. The real positive about it is that you don’t get a horrible aftertaste when taking the tablets like you often can do with others.



You’re advised to take 1-2 tablets with each main meal in the day.

Each tablet is 10 calories and 750mg of CLA.

CLA can help support the speed of your metabolism, boost your immune system and help regulate your cholesterol levels – this is due to the fatty omega-6 acids that make up the tablets.

Optimum Nutrition’s CLA will support you in reducing the amount of fat mass you have within your body and will support your overall health – they are extremely effective in doing so when you use with a healthy diet and a good workout.

Like all supplements, CLA won’t allow you to ‘cheat’ your way to be lean – that still requires hard work.


Ease of Use

This is subject to personal preference. Unlike most supplements, this cannot be drunk, added to a shake or a smoothie – they are in tablet form and must be swallowed with water after you’ve eaten a meal.

In addition, CLA tablets are rather large and dense in size, meaning that if you struggle with tablets anyway, they’re not the easiest to start with.



The product RRP on Optimum Nutrition official website is £29.99 for 90 soft gels and if used properly, would be 100% worth the investment. That said, you can easily find the product cheaper by shopping around, actually at almost half the price on Amazon. The 90 soft gels will give you at least 30 days use – which is a good enough cycle to start seeing the results working for you.


Overall Thoughts

Despite the size of the tablets, the quality and overall results that you’ll get from using these will certainly outweigh the slight negative. If you are looking to lose fat, maintain weight loss or keep lean whilst bulking, a cycle of CLA’s will help support you in your journey.

Optimum Nutrition CLA Fat Loss Supplements

Optimum Nutrition CLA Fat Loss Supplements

Taste and Texture




Ease of Use





  • Affordable price
  • Helps with sustainable energy & metabolism
  • Completely free of stimulants


  • Hard to swallow
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