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Multipower 100% Pure Whey Protein Review


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Multipower 100% Pure Whey Protein Review

Multipower sell this product as a protein source which helps support lean muscle growth – we certainly aren’t going to disagree with that!

A vegetarian-friendly, gluten-free product which won Sports Nutrition’s protein of the year for 2015, let’s find out why…


Taste and Texture

Multipower offer a charming taste to their Whey protein. It has a rich texture too which means that if a thicker brand of protein is what you prefer, this will certainly fit the bill for the taste and thickness.

Multipower have a range of protein flavours available to customers to offer a range of variety.

It’s a very simple blend of protein which easily could be a favourite in anybody’s eyes.

Our favourite is Cookies and Cream.



If you’re in desperate need to add additional protein to your diet, it’s the perfect choice.

Even going as far to say, it’s the only protein you should look for. This is mainly because each 100g of the product has a whopping 80g of protein. Only 4% of the product is made up of carbohydrates, which means it’s an excellent product for either getting more protein in your body or if you’re trying to lean out.

In addition to that, just 4% of the product is made up of carbohydrates, which means it’s an excellent product for either getting more protein in your body or if you’re trying to lean out.

You’re also going to get a wide range of other benefits from the product too, such as a great 5.7g of BCAA’s per serving (which is excellent, considering it’s a protein you’re buying and not a tub of BCAA’s!). It also contains Glutamine (3.8g) and Vitamin B6.


Ease of Use

The balance between a thick tasting protein and an easy to blend shake has well and truly been won here with Multipower.

Quite successfully, Multipower don’t fall into the group of having a nice tasting protein which is virtually impossible to make, which will save you any embarrassment if you’re mixing up in public!

It also ticks the box of mixing with oats successfully.



“You pay for what you get” is often a well-used saying when you’re justifying purchasing something that’s expensive.

On Multipower official website, the product retails for £42.80 for 900g. However, you can get it much cheaper by shopping around, for example, on Amazon, you can grab a 2000g tub here for just £32.18 which is an absolute steal!

If it’s taste, texture, and effectiveness you’re after, then you’re certainly onto a winner with Multipower’s pure whey.


Overall Thoughts

Are you after getting additional protein in your body without feeling like you’re loading up on carbs? Or are you trying to get lean or lose some fat? If you’re falling into either of those categories, you should definitely consider adding Multipower’s pure whey to the top of your shopping cart.


Taste and Texture
Ease of Use

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Multipower 100% Pure Whey Protein Powder

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