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MultiPower Power Bar Layer Review

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MultiPower Power Bar Layer Review

MultiPower have added to their wide-range of sublime protein products with the power bar. A protein bar on the face of it, this offers much more than just a top up to your daily protein intake…


Taste and Texture

If you’re like me and have a sweet-tooth, you definitely aren’t going to be complaining about these. Designed and processed using three layers of nuts, caramel, and chocolate, this protein bar is ideal to help the savoury cravings.

These protein bars are one of only a few bars that can successfully keep you away from the choccies due to it’s fine blend of ingredients and mouth-watering texture.



You can hardly argue with the effectiveness of the Power Layer bars if you’re aiming to pack on some muscle or shred some fat. Sitting at just 190 calories per bar, it can be ideal for a mid-day snack whatever your goals are. They’re low in sugar and each bar is 30% protein (or 15g per 50g bar)

Ease of Use

What could be simpler than a small and compact protein bar? It’s not overly clumpy so is great for on-the-go trips and as a convenient protein boost or a post-workout supplement.

The products are also well preserved, so there’s no necessity to stick the bar’s in the fridge or in a specific place – although MultiPower do advise to store in a cool and dry place, so keep that in mind!

They’re packaged well too so they’ll be no accidental tears to the packaging or the boxes they arrive in (it has happened)



Buying in bulk is certainly the best option for purchasing the MultiPower bars, over the short and long term, it will save you quite a bit of money.

I will pre-warn you, these bars certainly are addictive, so opt for buying directly from the store – they work out at just £2 each!


Overall Thoughts

MultiPower have really found a unique and exquisite range of product with the Power Layer bar. MultiPower give you all the necessities and have still taken top prize when it comes to keeping a consistent taste and texture.



We were kindly provided with a sample of this product to review. Our reviews are always unbiased, honest and true. More information on our disclosure can be found here.

MultiPower Power Layer

MultiPower Power Layer

Taste and Texture




Ease of Use





  • Great taste
  • Low calories
  • Super effective


  • Only offers one flavour
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