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Multipower BCAA 2:1:1 Review

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Multipower BCAA 2:1:1 Review

Multipower’s range of BCAA powders is a best seller for many. It’s a product that’s a good ratio of amino acids and suitable for all. It’s free from gluten, aspartame and lactose – plus being able to fit perfectly into any vegetarian diet.

Taking this product for a total of 6 weeks, both during a workout and, from time to time, throughout the day. Let’s see how it faired…


Taste and Texture

Multipower’s BCAA’s have a perfect blend when it comes to taste. Imagine drinking flavoured water, which is exactly what you’d want from a product you’re supping in the gym. It ensures that you can successfully guzzle your BCAA’s during your workout without feeling a heavy stomach and any unnecessary thickness.

Mixed with flavourings and sweeteners to give a real ‘soda like’ taste, which can quite conveniently become addictive, the taste, as an initial thought, can certainly make the product.

Our favourites is the Cherry Bomb!



Being effective is fundamental when it comes to products like BCAA’s. They’re performance supplements which, you guessed, increase your levels of performance and stamina – also helping with protein synthesis.

Fortunately, Multipower have this one covered: One serving (10g) provides 6g BCAA and contains the three essential branched chain amino acids L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine in a 2:1:1 ratio, which is perfect in anybody’s eyes.

Used over a period of time, 6 weeks to be precise, the product does have noticeable effects which is exactly what you’d expect from a BCAA product.


Ease of Use

Generally, the BCAA’s are easy to use and easy to mix. As touched on with the taste and texture of this product, you’re drinking a liquid, so there are no real ‘over complications’.

The only slight disadvantage with this product is the vigorous shaking you need to do to ensure that you don’t have any ‘floaters’ in the shaker. That said, you are advised to shake the product vigorously before serving.

Making sure you’re adding the BCAA’s during your workout is difficult to get wrong, mix your drink up and sup up throughout your training days. It’s not uncommon to have to regularly shake BCAA’s during your workout, or maybe that’s just me?!

Multipower, along with their taste, managed to create a liquefied product that doesn’t need much assembling. It’s definitely a ‘grab and go’ kind of product.



You can buy 400g of BCAA’s for between £30 and £45, depending on whether or not you drop on! That does equate to 40 servings or around 75p to £1 per serving. Again, in comparison with most BCAA products, there’s few cheaper. When taking into consideration what some companies charge for the amount of BCAA’s which actually make up the product, Multipower offer a fair or even generous sale with this product.


Overall Thoughts

If a really cheap and even more effective BCAA is what you’re after (like you wouldn’t be), Multipower have you covered! High quality, great taste and super effective – this product ticks all the boxes.

To date, this product stands out as the best I have tried, so at the minute goes unrivalled. Keeping you in the gym for longer and fetches the full range of health benefits along with it.



We were kindly provided with a sample of this product to review. Our reviews are always unbiased, honest and true. More information on our disclosure can be found here.

Multipower BCAA 2:1:1 Powder

Multipower BCAA 2:1:1 Powder

Taste and Texture




Ease of Use





  • Super effective
  • Tastes great
  • Cheap


  • Sometimes isn't easy to mix
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