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The Last Chest & Tricep Workout You Will Ever Need


The Last Chest & Tricep Workout You Will Ever Need

OK, it’s Monday and you have definitely seen hundreds of workouts to use on International Chest Day. From short bodyweight training to intense supersets. We have pulled together a list, including tips and advice on how to perform each exercise.

Chest and Triceps should be trained together in the same way Back and Biceps should be.

This workout should take approximately 60 – 90 minutes to complete.


Incline Dumbbell Press

A fantastic exercise which will really target the top area of your chest.


Lay flat on a bench which is inclined to around 45 degrees.

Start with the dumbells at the side of your chest, with your elbows pointing slightly downward so relieve the pressure from your shoulders.

Press the dumbells up from your chest to the count of one. At the top the dumbells should then touch, showing the movement to be a ‘triangular’ shape.

When at the top, squeeze the chest for a split second. Return to the starting position to the count of 2.


Incline Dumbell Flyes

On the same 45 degrees bench, you are performing the dumbbell press on, start with some lighter dumbells in front of you and together, with your palms facing inward and your pinky finger being closer together than your first finger.


From there, keeping your arms slightly bent, part your arms to the side in order to feel a stretching sensation across your chest. From the outstretched position, move your arms back together until the dumbells then touch each other. Lock your arms in place throughout the entire exercise. Do not bend your arms further.


Flat Bench Press

The master of the chest day…


Lay on a flat bench, lift the bar from the rack and hold it straight over your chest, this will be how you start. Breath in and allow the bar to come down to the middle of your chest to the count of 2. Pause for a split second and, to the count of 1, press the bar back up, using your chest muscles and remember to squeeze at the top. Your arms should be slightly further apart from your chest to allow a 90-degree angle in your arms on the way down.


Body weight press ups

Similar to the flat bench press, keep your hands slightly further apart than shoulder width.

Keeping your body straight at all times and your glutes tight and body engaged, slowly lower yourself until your chest almost touches the floor. This should be to the count of 2. Pause for a second and power back to the starting position to the count of 1.


Low Cable Cross Over

Keep your back straight and your head looking forward, with your arms slightly bent grab both cables.


Keeping your arms straight, push the cables in front of you, in a rounded movement to ensure that your arms do not bend. Do this to the count of 2. At the central point, ensure you pinky fingers are touching. Move your arms back to the starting position, keeping your arms slightly bent — make sure you feel the stretch at the top. Breath out to the count of 2.



Step up and grab the bars with the palms of your hands facing inward.


Dip your body to that your elbows are bent at a 90-degree angle, keeping your body straight and only moving your arms. Straighten your arms back to the starting position, this is one repetition.


Close Grip Bench Press

Similar to the bench press, lay flat on the bench but this time, grab the bar with your arms around a fist’s width apart from each other.


Lower the bar to your chest, keeping your elbows tucked in — they should finish at the side of your body when the bar is close to your chest. Lower the bar to the count of two, pause for one second and push through to the count of one. By keeping the narrow grip and keeping your elbows bent in, you will target the triceps more than the chest.

Tricep Push Downs

With a bar, make sure the cable is positioned to the high pulley and grab the bar with an overhand grip I.e. your palms are facing downward. The bar should be shoulder width apart. Stand upright with your body straight but chest slightly leaned forward.


Bring the arms closer to the floor, only by moving the forearm. Lock your elbows and wrists in place, with your elbows by your side at all times.

The movement is finished when your arms have straightened out.

Push down to the count of 2, squeeze the triceps before returning to the start position to the count of 1.


EZ Bar Skull Crushers

Using a close grip EZ Bar, lift the bar and hold with your arms straight, keeping your upper arm still.


This will be your starting position. From there, allow the elbows to bend and bring the bar towards your skull, stop around 2 inches from your head. Pause for a second before extending your elbows again to the starting position.


Straight Arm Cable Push Down

Similar to the triceps push down, use a high pulley with the cable attached. Again, keep your elbows locked in place to the side and your wrists locked in place too.


Start with grabbing the rope at the bottom with your hands together and palms facing inwards. Push the rope down towards the floor until your arms are out straight. However, whilst doing this, split the ropes at the bottom, to make a triangle shape. Pause for a second before bringing the ropes back up and together again.

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