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Sensational Fitness Duo: Gains4Girls Talks With Bodybulk



Sensational Fitness Duo: Gains4Girls Talks With Bodybulk

Meet the highly gifted, super talented and inspiring duo, Gains4Girls.

Abby and Lucy, who are best friends, wannabe-sisters, and soulmates, had an exclusive chat with Bodybulk about their lives in and out of the gym!

Find out all about the MultiPower ambassadors story and exactly who is who…


Quick Stats

Ages: Abby, 24. Lucy, 23.

Heights: Abby, 5’3″ – 160cm. Lucy – 5’6″ – 167cm.

Weights: Abby, 123lbs – 56kg. Lucy, 132lbs – 60kg.


How did you both get started?

We both have a background in alpine ski racing to a high standard (it’s actually how we first became friends – we were both members of the same ski race club and used to travel abroad on training camps together!).. and so always had an interest in sport/being active. When Lucy came to study at the University of Leeds as well (ok ok… followed me there, let’s be honest), we started training together and both found we had a passion for pushing our bodies and weight training.


Break us the secret, explain the turtle and koala?

I’m not even sure we know where it first originated from, to be honest! When we first started Gains4Girls we kept it a secret from our friends and anonymous, so I think the turtle and the koala were part of that and it’s just kind of stuck!


What workout routine(s) work best for you?

Lucy: For me, with working a demanding job in the city it’s about what I can fit into my schedule, more often than not this has been a variety of different classes across London or quick, simple workouts I can get done early before heading off to work. I love lifting and definitely enjoy a good leg session but time doesn’t always permit me to train how I’d like!

Abby: Being self-employed and running my own business I have a little more flexibility time-wise, combine that with competing where the goal is a fairly specific aesthetic one, this means my programming and training centres (currently) around that goal. Weight training makes up the majority of my workouts and I follow an upper/lower split, sticking to more of a hypertrophy rep range and training legs 2-3 times per week. Both Lucy and I absolutely love training glutes and hamstrings together – we always have the best sessions!


What motivates you to keep going?

Both of us are very driven and independent women I would say, with a strong work ethic (learned from our incredible mother’s – who are also best friends!), we want to work hard at what we love and enjoy life! Motivation doesn’t get you out of bed in the morning – if you want to succeed at anything in your life you need to be prepared to put the work in!


Can you pick your three best exercises and what makes you pick them?

Deadlifts: all variations – sumo, stiff leg, conventional, single-leg. They’re just a fantastic exercise all round and are amazing for your posterior chain!

Hip thrusts: because you can’t build the best glutes in the business without them!

Shoulder press: both of us love training shoulders!


And what’s the three you hate doing?

Hard to say really, there’s no exercise either of us really ‘hate’ and we’ll both try to ensure we don’t avoid important exercises just because we don’t like them. I have to say though there’s nothing quite like the burn you exercises doing lunges or Bulgarian split squats!


What’s your diet like?

Lucy: Aspects of my job can mean my diet isn’t always as ‘healthy’ as I might aim for – client dinners & entertaining, being on-the-go a lot can make this more difficult. But I prep food for work as often as I can and try to make ‘healthier’ decisions when eating out multiple times in the week! However, I also firmly believe that whilst eating well is important, food is also there to be enjoyed! Reaching your goal shouldn’t mean you have to restrict yourself ALL the time!

Abby: Being a competitor means naturally my diet is much more regimented than Lucy’s – when reaching stage levels of lean it has to be! I track macros year round but in my ‘off-season’ or time away from competing I am much more flexible. In prep things need to be exact and eating out is much harder (although I still try to enjoy a Nandos or brunch here and there!), out of prep I love being able to be more flexible and enjoy meals out with friends!


How do you both supplement?

Lucy: I absolutely love Multipower’s cherry bomb flavour BCAA’s – I have them whenever I train. The French Vanilla 100% Whey is also another favourite product of theirs; I always have it with my oats either before or after training!


Abby: My favourite has to be Multipower’s coffee-caramel 100% Whey – I love mixing it with Greek yoghurt topped with some nut butter and dark chocolate for a pre-bed snack! I also use Creatine before I train to help my performance and take Omega’s 3 and a multi-vitamin in the morning. I like to keep things simple.


Favourite Quote?

That’s a hard one… not sure we have one single quote, there’s so many! Both of us love the saying though”

“You are entirely up to you”

I think we’re both firm believers that ultimately you make your own future; passion and work ethic will always prevail at the end of the day. We like to do our best in everything from our work, to our friendships, to our business together!


How do you prepare for shows or photoshoots?

Abby: Most of my preps for my shows are around 12-14 weeks long, some people do longer, others shorter, I find this time frame usually works best for me. It’s draining pushing your body to get that lean (especially as a woman!) and so I like to push hard in this time frame to bring my best and then give myself long periods of downtime after to relax, work on improvements & focus on other aspects of my like family and friends!

My prep’s are fairly gradual – so it’s a slow decrease in calories whilst increasing output (cardio) to keep your body progressing towards the end goal! It gets really tough at times, both mentally & physically, but that’s part of what I love about it, seeing how far I can push myself!


Head to Head – Who’s who, just for laughs?

Who’s the fittest?

Lucy: I’ll have to give Abby this one as she trains more frequently than me. But I’ve recently got into running and managed to push my 5k time down to 22 mins 30 secs 😊

Hardest Trainer?

Abby: It’s my job as a personal trainer and coach to push people to work their hardest.. Lucy has experienced this first hand when we train together!

Biggest Moaner?

Neither of us are big moaners I’d say – thankfully – we’re definitely more the ‘crack on with it’ type!

Most intelligent?

Lucy: I’d like to say we’re both pretty intelligent (it’s why we make such a great team!) 

Best dancer?

Abby: Lucy can take this one… nothing quite as entertaining as the sight of her ‘dancing’ after a few gin & tonics!

Biggest joker?

Abby: I’d say I’m very sarcastic, which is definitely entertaining at times (…I find myself quite funny I’ll admit) but when Lucy and I go on a night out together she’s definitely the joker of the two of us!


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Chris has a forceful passion to drive and motivate fitness enthusiasts. An IT geek by trade, Chris’ devotion to health, fitness and bodybuilding drove him to become a key architect and benefactor for Bodybulk, aiming to instigate and inspire change to the fitness industry.

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