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Everything You Must Know About Powerbuilding



Everything You Must Know About Powerbuilding

Powerbulding, as you guessed, is a mix between powerlifting and bodybuilding and, more importantly, it’s taking the fitness industry by storm!

It aims to utilise a combination of the above to get super strong and build as much muscle as possible. Sounds easy, right? Well understanding the concept is at least…


So what is powerbuilding?

As mentioned above, powerbuilding is taking the best out of powerlifting and bodybuilding and combining them. You’ll be training for power by raising the weight and reps-range each week to become stronger. You’ll also be bodybuilding by using hypertrophy reps and sets.

By combining both, it will make certain that you’re focusing on strength and your physical apparel.

So, the best of both worlds as a better definition.


Why do powerbuilding?

It’s not exactly a genius comment but in case you didn’t know: You can be strong without being big and you can be big without being strong. So combining the two is your best chance at turning into a ‘super-human gym monster’, if that’s what you’re after!

If you’re tired of lifting light weights (even as your one-rep max), you need to start lifting big and powerbuilding can help you reach those targets – having a blend of both powerlifting and bodybuilding will ensure that you’re maximising your potential and making as much progress as possible.


How do I do powerbulding?

This, like most gym questions I’m asked, doesn’t have one definitive answer. You can manipulate the workout any which way you like, the world is your oyster!

Either, heavy lifting early and lower your weights as the workout goes on: If you opt for this method, you should do few exercises e.g. 3 or 4 per workout and 5-6 sets of 3-4 reps. You can mix these up with lower weighted exercises later on in the workout, such as 5-6 sets of 10-12 reps.

If it’s easier for you, you can do your heavy (power) workouts early in the week and lighter (building) exercises later in the week and break it down over a week, rather than over a session; the results would be very similar.

One, almost unnegotiable suggestion, is to prioritise strength in the first few weeks of your training and increasing your strength gradually over the course of the few week period. Like most training, if you load a ton of weights on both sides straight from the off, not only will you be sacrificing good form and wasting your time and effort but you’ll also be putting yourself at risk of a serious injury.


Lift big to be big

It’s important that you still hit all your compound lifts, so deadlifts, squats, bench press is a must week-by-week and is a crucial part to powerbuilding. Your reps will need to be low and your sets high, the focus of your compound lifts needs to be strength which, in turn, will help to bolster your strength and physical apparel.


Try to take 2 minutes between exercises to ensure you’re ready for the next set.


How to work out

Powerbuilding, like most gym workouts, can easily be overcomplicated and, again, there’s no need to!

Keep it simple, stupid (KISS)

Start by training 4 days per week and split your week as follows:

Monday – Chest & Triceps

Tuesday – Back & Biceps

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Shoulders & Traps

Friday – Legs

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – Rest

As with most workouts plans, swap the days to suit you and best.


Chest & Triceps

Bench Press55-6
DB Incline Press63-4
Cable Cross Over410
Weighted Dips105
DB Flyes1010
Cable Rope Tricep Extension410
Skull Crushers66-8

Back & Biceps

Weighted Pull Ups10Failure
Dumbbell Rows55-6
TBar Rows63-4
45 Bent over rows105
Seated Rows108
Ez Bar Curl410
Bicep Curls66-8

Shoulders & Traps

Military Press83-4
Dumbbell Press65-6
Standing Lateral Raise68-10
Reverse Flyes106


Leg Press65-6
Leg Extension48
Hack Squats66
Leg Curls85-6
Calf Raises425


You can also aim to train your abs 2-3 times a week, performing cable rope crunches, hanging leg raises and crunches throughout your workout to ensure you’re reaching maximum potential across all body parts. It’s important that you focus your attention in creating the balance between the powerlifting and the bodybuilding exercises – this way you’ll be progressing as much as you can.


A final tip…

Make sure that you’re hitting the number of reps suggested as a maximum. For example, if the desired reps are 6 per set, make sure you’re unable to get more than 6 reps out, so 6RM. This will help to shock the muscles and is the best method for optimising strength and helping your muscles to grow

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