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Cellucor C4 Original Pre-Workout Review


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Cellucor C4 Original Pre-Workout Review

You could argue that Cellucor’s most famous product is their C4 pre-workout and, as we’ll find out, there’s a good reason for that. Its perfect design is reputed to give you explosive energy, a heightening focus and an overwhelming urge to tackle any challenge – their words, not mine.

Like most pre-workout supplements, it is suggested that you take the product within 30 minutes of hitting the gym to give you the optimised energy and, product depending, the perfect pump! Let’s see how it fared!


Taste and Texture

Trialling the fruit punch, icy blue razz, and strawberry margarita, all the C4 products have one common theme – the positive consistency in the taste and texture.

It has an effect that is similar to drinking squash, water or another soft drink. In other words, it’s not too thick or clunky so you can drink it exactly like any normal drink, without the fear of feeling bloated.

Similarly, as the drink is designed to give you a ‘pre-workout’ boost, the strength of the taste needs to be almost perfect with one-scoop – Cellucor have this on point!

Our favourite is the fruit punch!



Without beating around the bush, C4 is unlike anything I’ve ever used before.

It has a perfect balance of vitamins, Beta-Alanine, Creatine, Caffeine, and Arginine. This will ensure that you’re able to train like crazy throughout your entire workout and also train harder for longer!
The only negative is its apparent strength: Like most pre-workout supplements, if you’re not training hard enough, you’ll potentially get some side-effects, such as the beta-alanine itch or you’ll be laid in bed at night, struggling to sleep due to the high caffeine dosage. That said, this is easily avoidable by using the product correctly and training hard!


Ease of Use

As I mentioned in the taste and texture, Cellucor’s C4 gives a texture that’s similar to a fine liquid, such as water. This means that it’s far too easy to mix up before your workout. You don’t get the lumps at the bottom of the shaker!

The only potential downside to this product is that, if you mix the product long before you workout, the powder seems to ‘condense’ at the bottom of your shaker, so you’ll need to shake it up again before drinking. I would, on that note, suggest whisking up the product as and when you need to take it, rather than 3-4 hours before you train.



Cellucor’s C4 comes in at roughly £30 per 30-serving tub, which is £1 per scoop. In comparison with other products, C4 is slightly more expensive. Depending on your personal preference, you may have 2 scoops of pre-workout before working out. If that’s the case, you might find it easier to pay for more than just the one tub as it will halve your serving count. This could turn into a slightly hefty bill if you’re not watching!


Overall Thoughts

As I’ve just mentioned, C4 is slightly more expensive than other pre-workout supplements but it is, at the moment, my preferred choice of pre workout. The perfect balance of nutrients and supplements with the simplicity of mixing the product up means that there’s not much better out there.

This product really impresses those who use it and, most of the time, buyers buy again! The side-effects are minimal, if you even get any side effects so for many it will be a no-brainer. As I’ve mentioned in other reviews, you often ‘pay for what you get’ – if you’re wanting the best, buy the best – which is Cellucor’s C4!

Cellucor C4 Original

Cellucor C4 Original

Taste and Texture




Ease of Use





  • Super effective
  • Easy to mix and use
  • Tastes exquisite


  • Can be costly depending on serving size
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