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3 Day Workout Split: Push, Pull & Legs



3 Day Workout Split: Push, Pull & Legs

Go hard or go home!

It’s the attitude you should always have, only this time, you’ve got three days to train your entire body which means each and every session is not only going to have to hit multiple areas of your body but also you’re going to have to push yourself to your maximum (like you wouldn’t anyway, right?)


The Split

WednesdayLegs & Abs


What is push-pull?

This workout routine will aim to split your body down into three sections: upper body pushing muscles, upper body pulling muscles and legs.

You need to aim to be training each of the three sections on a separate day entirely.

The push day will include chest, shoulders, and triceps

The pull day will include back and biceps

The leg day will include quads, hamstrings, calves, and abs


Any negatives to this type of workout?

Obviously, you’re only training each body part once a week and you’re training in the gym three days a week, which, depending on your body type, can actually be ineffective.

A three-day split works well for a lot of people and is often easier if you’ve a tight schedule to keep. It can also work especially well for beginners. Train beyond failure!


The workout

Push Day

Seated pec-dec410-12Superset 1
Bodyweight press ups48-10Superset 1
Barbell shoulder press38-10
Side lateral raises510-12
Incline cable flye’s 310
Decline dumbbell press38-10
Chest press410-12
Barbell upright rows410-12
Tricep pushdowns510
Ez Bar skull crushers410Superset 2
Dumbbell skull crushers415Superset 2

Legs and Abs

Barbell squats510
Leg press412
Romanian deadlifts48-10
Lying leg curls310-12
Leg extensions310-12
Walking lunges410Reps are for each leg
Goblet squats312-15
Seated leg curls410-12
Seated calf raises318-20
Smith machine calf raises410-12
Hanging leg raises510
Cable rope crunches412-15

Pull Day

Pull ups4Failure15 reps max
Wide grip hammer pull-downs412-15
Single arm dumbbell rows310-12Reps are for each arm
T-Bar rows48-10
Narrow grip seated cable rows312-15Superset 1
Overhand grip barbell rows315-1Superset 1
Cable rope face pulls510
Narrow grip pull downs 410-12
Barbell Bicep Curls312-15
Dumbbell hammer curls410-12


Three day splits

Three day splits are easy to follow and the longer rest period between workout days can be really supportive to help you see serious muscle gains.

Each exercise, every time you’re in the gym, needs to be heavy, in good workout form and pushing yourself to your maximum potential in order to maximise your results.

The main goal for any three-day workout is to build muscle or to really help tone up the body and will suit either men or women – dependent on your individual goals! Often, this can help you get your workouts in a manageable state and understanding what you’re doing in the gym and why you’re doing it!


Don’t focus too much on volume

It’s a high-intensity workout which aims to challenge you. A push-pull three-day split is not intended to replace GVT or superset workouts – it’s idea is to help you tone up and, diet permitting, build muscle.

Train insane or be the same!!

Chris has a forceful passion to drive and motivate fitness enthusiasts. An IT geek by trade, Chris’ devotion to health, fitness and bodybuilding drove him to become a key architect and benefactor for Bodybulk, aiming to instigate and inspire change to the fitness industry.

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